Gift Planning


Lawrence has been a consistent supporter of the Edmundite Missions for many years. Two years ago Lawrence asked about Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA).  He wanted to provide a lasting gift for those that suffer in agonizing poverty. His gift of a CGA met his philanthropic objective and provided him a generous tax deduction at a time when he was planning for his retirement. Our friendship with Lawrence has continued to grow. He calls us monthly and wants an update on the work that we do in Selma and the surrounding area. Thanks Lawrence, for your friendship, kindness, and partnership.


Melissa has been a faithful supporter of the Missions for many years. She strongly feels that education provides the means for an escape from the pitfalls of poverty. She has offered to help finance a college education for one of the young boys that we serve. Melissa has included the Edmundite Missions in her estate planning.  


Brad is a relatively new donor to our ministry. He has gifted multiple Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA) in the past year. He is a partner in our ministry and at the same time understands the valued reasons for a CGA.

1. Supports his favorite charity-the Edmundite Missions
2. Provides him with a generous tax deduction
3. Allows him a steady flow of income for the rest of his life

Brad has also blessed the Edmundite Missions with a gift of his IRA (Individual Retirement Account), all in addition to his regular giving.

Brad has asked for additional information on a Retained Life Estate, where a donor would gift his home now and receive an immediate tax deduction and still live in the home for the remainder of his life. Thanks Brad for your support and your dedication to our mission. You are such a blessing.


Catherine was a consistent donor to the Edmundite Missions for a number of years. She sadly passed away two years ago.  We were contacted by her estate attorney a few months after her passing. She had listed the Edmundite Missions in her will for the total value of her estate.  What a blessing! Catherine’s legacy continues to shine each and every day.


Agnes is 98 years of age.  She is a regular supporter of the Edmundite Missions. She has also included the Missions in her estate planning. On her most recent birthday, she called me to ask if I thought she should give up driving. I thought for a minute and responded, “Agnes, I’m not concerned about your driving, but I am concerned that if someone else makes a mistake, are your reactions going to be quick enough to account for their mistake.”  She thought for a minute and said she was going to sell her car that day. She called me later to say she had sold the vehicle and would take a taxi going forward to do her shopping. Agnes, you’re the greatest. We love you.



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