Spencer from Pennsylvania shares that a few years ago he was on a Caribbean Cruise. He wanted to go to a Catholic Church for Sunday services when the ship docked on a small island.  The Captain of the ship gave him simple directions—three blocks away from port. The Celebrant of the service was an Edmundite priest and the sermon was about the Edmundite Missions in Selma, AL. Spencer says she has been giving ever since.

Susan from Tampa, FL. shares that she and her husband were traveling from Central Florida to Connecticut. When near Richmond, VA, they stopped on Sunday and asked where a Catholic service might be. They were directed to a storage building that normally was used to hold oranges after being harvested. They walked into the building and in an open space, an Edmundite priest was about to begin the service.  His sermon was also about the services being provided by the Edmundite Missions in Selma, AL. Susan has been an avid supporter of the Missions since.

Tim from Mississippi has been giving to the Edmundite Missions for over sixty years. He explains when he was about age 13, he remembers his mother, who also gave to the Missions, had been asked by Fr. Norman Lambert, S.S.E., the Missions Director at the time, if she would respond to his appeal for a new building by sending $.25 to buy a brick for the site. Tim had spare change from cutting neighbor’s lawn. Tim asked his mother if he could also help.  Tim sent his $.25 to the Missions for a brick. He received a thank you letter a few days later from Fr. Lambert. He was so impressed for having received a thank you letter that he has been giving to the Edmundite Missions for over a half century. You’re a true friend Tim.