Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

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Mr. and Mrs. James and Mary Bragg [charity_name] Donors

Mr. and Mrs. James and Mary Bragg

James and Mary Bragg are donors with Selma roots. Born in the city that is the home to the Edmundite Missions, James and Mary have learned first-hand...
Donor at [charity_name] Arthur T. McNeill

Arthur T. McNeill

Our first contact with Art McNeill was in early 2013 when he called to ask about our administrative overhead costs. As a faithful supporter for over 27 years...
Joe Zaccardo [charity_name] Donor

Joe Zaccardo

Joe Zaccardo has been a dear friend of the Missions for over 30 + years and has gifted to those in need over 160 times. His dedication and personal interest in those that...
[charity_name] Donors

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