Gift Planning

Joe Zaccardo has been a dear friend of the Missions for over 30 + years and has gifted to those in need over 160 times.  His dedication and personal interest in those that we serve exemplifies his generosity and sincerity. 

Joe has also gifted a Charitable Gift Annuity to the Missions knowing that his favorite charity has continued support for many years to come. He is currently working on his estate plan and is including the Missions with a special gift.

A great number of our donors are not just financial supporters, but true friends in our efforts to help people strive to break the cycle of poverty.  Joe, as others, will call staff weekly to “check in” and see how everyone is doing and asking if there is something extra that can be done to help.

Joe is a senior who is home-bound with mounting health issues.  Yet he continues to care for everyone around him.


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