The benefits of a life income gift: with the charitable gift annuity (CGA)
Financial security and support for Edmundite Southern Missions

Life is full of competing priorities. Often the things we want to do don't coordinate with what we know we need to do. If you are in or approaching retirement, you know that one priority is making sure you have enough income. Yet, you may also want to continue your support of favorite charities such as Edmundite Missions. Saving and charitable giving don’t have to be competing priorities. Enter the Edmundite Missions charitable gift annuity! Consider achieving two of your priorities at once - both income and charitable support.

The benefits of establishing a CGA

A charitable gift annuity with Edmundite Missions is simple. You make a gift to Edmundite Missions of cash or appreciated securities, and Edmundite Missions agrees to pay up to two individuals - most commonly you and your spouse - a fixed income for life. The payments never fluctuate and are not affected by changes in the economy or financial markets. Edmundite Missions will give you a simple agreement for your records. Then just wait for the payments. In return for your gift, you will get an income tax charitable deduction for a portion of your gift. In almost every case some of your annuity payments will be partially tax-free for a time. Two priorities accomplished - additional retirement income and generous support for Edmundite Missions.

How to establish a charitable gift annuity with Edmundite Missions.

Once you decide to move forward to establish a charitable gift annuity with Edmundite Southern Missions, here is the process. We will guide you every step of the way.

  •  Contact the Gift Planning office to ensure that the age(s) of the annuitant(s) meet the gift annuity policies at Edmundite Southern Missions.
  •  If you have not received a financial illustration for the gift you are considering, request the illustration from the Gift Planning office.
  •  Request a Gift Annuity Application form from the Gift Planning office.
  •  Complete the information on the application.
  •  Send the Gift Annuity Application to the Gift Planning office at Edmundite Southern Missions.
  •  If you are using a check to fund the gift, enclose your check with the application.
  •  Shortly after your application is received you will be sent a Charitable Gift Annuity Agreement, along with tax reporting information for when you file your income taxes.
  •  You'll need to sign the Charitable Gift Annuity Agreement and return it to Edmundite Southern Missions. Edmundite Missions will provide a fully signed agreement to you.
Your priorities accomplished!
  •  You will have provided for additional income.
  •  You will have protected some of your assets from market downturns in exchange for safe income.
  •  You will have made a significant gift to Edmundite Southern Missions.